Michel Goldberg


Biomedical of the Holy Fathers

University of Paris





Studied at Paris Dental School- Faculty of Medicine. Diploma: Doctor of Odontological Sciences Paris V, State doctorate diploma in biological sciences. Professor head of the biological sciences department of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Paris V. Professor of Exceptional Category. Professor Emeritus Paris Descartes. INSERM UMR 1224. Paris Cité University (Paris Descartes V). Emeritus for the 3dtime from 2019-2023. INSERM / Odontology Interface Coordinator. International publications: 215 articles (Peer reviewed articles in scientific journals), National publications about 100. Books: 22 (editor & author of chapters). Scientific activities: odontogenesis, amelogenesis, dentinogenesis, pulp biology, STEM cells.

Area of Interests

Enamel proteins, dentin extracellular matrix, stem cells, biomineralization, odontogenesis.