Babu Gajendran

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Molecular Cancer Biology

Guizhou Medical University




Dr. Babu Gajendran, was granted by UGC-BSR Research fellowship as a merit for his academic credentials the Indian government, to pursue the research work. My area of interest is the development of chemotherapeutic drugs from natural plant and animal sources to contribute a better treatment to cancer patients especially, leukemic patients. My interest even extends to explore the cellular signaling of the drug-treated models, both in vitro as well as in vivo in the field of Molecular Cancer Biology. My research includes the pre-clinical trials connecting the methodologies in chemistry as well as biology. With this regard, I have a patent for my credit. I am a regional director in the Society of Chemical and Synthetic Biology (SCSB). A portion of my research work has been cited in NATURE INDIA by Nature Publishing Group as the best Indian scientific research. Currently, I am working with drugs isolated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine formulations against erythroleukemia. This, in addition, focusses on a part of cancer immunotherapy, connecting cell lines and animal models.

Area of Interests

Molecular Cancer Biology